Steel Building Construction

Hexagon expertise’s in the fabrication and installation of structural steel and plate works for wide range of industrial and commercial projects. We strive to achieve cost-effective quality construction solutions to meet Client needs.


  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Process Plant
  • Automobile Plant
  • Food Processing Plant
  • Shopping Mall / Hyper Market
  • Airport
  • Dairy Processing
  • Warehouse / Storage Shelter / Laydown
  • Retail Space
  • Railway and Metro
  • School & University
  • Hospital


  • Structure for Functional Facilities
  • Construction of Structure for Assembly Area, Painting Area, Inspection Area, Sheds, Parking Area and other functional units
  • Construction of sheds and structures for functional units
  • Hall, Gathering Area, Recreation Zone, Parking shade
  • Construction of Structure for Hanger, Support Buildings
  • Structure for Processing Units
  • Shelter units
  • Recreation Area, Parking Shade
  • Shades for Platform
  • Building units such as Auditorium, facility buildings, Parking Shades and Halls
  • Parking Shades,