Health, Safety and Environment Policy

It is the policy of Hexagon Contracting to ensure the protection of the environment and to create a safe and healthy working condition at all workplace for workers, visitors, clients, partners, shareholders, the community and all other relevant interested parties.

Hexagon Contracting is committed to achieve its vision for HSE excellence by:

  • Fulfill our compliance obligations and Comply with applicable HSE legal requirements and other requirements as implemented in the company.
  • Provide safe and healthy working place and conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health.
  • Promote environmental protection and prevention of pollution within the company.
  • Reduce, and striving to eliminate, the environmental impacts associated with company’s activities, operations and services.
  • Proactively identify all potential risks at work places and implement effective control measures to eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risk.
  • Enhance environmental performance reducing the waste generation and dispose all types of wastes in an environmentally safe manner.
  • Consult workers or their representative and foster participation from all levels of the organization to support an effective implementation and continual improvement of HSE Management System, its policies, objective and programs.
  • Create HSE awareness among all employees through training to maximize the HSE skill and competence of employees and to convey the implication of violating environmental policy and IMS.
  • Respond positively to the concerns of all interested parties including neighbors, local community and law enforcing authorities.

Safety is a Value that we are committed to inculcate.